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2/15/01 Its been a long time since ive done anything for the page, id like to say that ive been busy, but ive really just been sitting on my ass.
11/30/00 Ive changed some stuff around a bit. The intro was lame, so trashed it. Basically ive just changed around the look a bit.
11/28/00 Everyone should check out The Sound Proof Mouth Project, it kicks fucking ass. Just go to . Sign up, watch the streaming movie and follow the instructions. Hope you like it, i sure as hell do.
11/26/00 Well i havent updated in a long time, ive been pretty busy alot of the time, the rest of the time i just didnt feel like working on the page. I'll try to update it more often though. The Other member Vend3r has kind of disappeared, I heard that he doesnt have a job and has no computer, so its back to just me.
10/2/00 Its 10:42PM. The NPL now has a second member; Vend3r, a real good friend of mine. He currently is not listed in the member section as of right now, I will list him soon though.
10/2/00 Well, its 4:29AM, i havent done too much work on the page lately, ill try to change that. Ill be leaving on the 8th this month to go to las vegas, my sister lives there and shes getting married. ill be gone for about a week, so i wont be doing anything to the page then.
Oh yeah, i forgot, I updated the My Local section, I added some more payphones.
9/27/00 Yeah, you guessed it, all night again... Its 11:16AM, I did a bit of exchange scanning and found some more payphones. I dont know where they are yet, ill try to find out soon. If i stop being lazy then ill post them in the My Local section soon.
9/26/00 Once again, ive stayed up all night(see a pattern here?) its 9:54AM. Ive done alot of work on the page including i added the Article section, and the Links section, i only have two links posted so far though. Ive also just added the "My Local" section.
9/24/00 Its 10:34AM, ive just gotten most of the writings section up, and im just starting to get tired. Once again, i have stayed up all night.
9/23/00 Its currently 6:57AM, and ive stayed up all night and im tired. Lucky me, i have to get up early today and im hardly going to get any sleep.

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