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                                                  Filename: POLUMNA.TXT 
                                                 Title: The Polumna     
                                                     By: Captain Hack   
                                                   Released: 05/28/95   
                                                   Danger: 栩栩栩栩旭   

This design is also described in the Terrorists' Handbook, but I have
some better details about the powder to use in it.

1. Get a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper or something like that. Fold it into
   1-1/2"  strips.

2. Fold the 1-1/2" wide paper strip paper-football style, for two folds, until
   you have a little pocket.

3. Take some rocket powder (I explain below) and some fuse. Put the fuse
   through the whole in the point OPPOSITE the pocket opening. See diagram:
      V            |
   ------|          powder goes where arrow is pointing
   \     |
    \    |
     \   |
      \  |
       \ |
         ^--------------fuse goes here 

4. Fold the rest of the "football" up. It should be nice and flush and pretty

5. Get some black electrical tape and wrap the whole thing tight, as
   the powder will spill out the corners if you don't do this step. Also,
   the more wraps of tape, the thicker the "plastic" shell of the tape,
   and the bigger the bang.f

===---ROCKET POWDER---===

Lucky Hack HPA readers! You're getting two files for the download time of
one! Here's how to make rocket powder (which is essentially flashpowder):

Go to a hobby shop and buy (or lift) several packages of model rocket engines
made by ESTES. Or get a HUGE box of them. Expensive, but worth it. Also try
to get at least one pack of D or E engines. These are BIG and make MUCH 
powder. BTW-- they are perfectly legal to buy no matter what age you are.

Use an Exacto knife to cut a slit down the paper tubing, and unroll the
engines. They look like black cylinders. Get a big piece of cardboard (like
poster board) and put the cylinders on this. Smash them into smaller pieces
with a hammer. Once they are in small pieces, you can use a mortar & pistle
if you like torturing yourself, or I just keep using the hammer. Just keep
pounding it until it is a FINE powder. This stuff has MANY, MANY uses.

)()()())BACK TO THE PROJECT AT HAND(()()()()()(

These polumnas (Spanish for Dove or something) are very nice. They are
powerful, cheap, easy to make, and you can toss 'em pretty far. Be kinda
careful with them, though, as they can report like a .38 and I've had people
call the cops about it. One time I ran into two squad cars and an ambulance:
a SHOTS FIRED That was neat. Luckily, they didn't catch me. They
got a clothing descrip, but what are they gonna do? Put out an APB on a teen
wearing black at night? I don't think so. So be careful, and these are
dangerous, but they are pretty stable. I think they would take a finger off
though, so respect them...