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                                                  Filename: PROD.TXT    
                                                 Title: Cattle Prod     
                                                     By: Captain Hack   
                                                   Released: 05/07/95   
                                                   Danger: 栩栩栩栩旭   


1) Shotgun shell
1) 36-48" wooden dowel (3/4" diam or so)
1) finishing nail
1) plastic film canister

This one is rather dangerous, but if you're willing to take the risk, talk
about nasty!

  Super glue the film canister on the end of the pole. It should be NO LESS
than 3 feet long. Now super glue the nail in the middle of the bottom of the
canister. Or any other way you want to do it, so long as you have the
canister on the rod with the nail in the canister. GENTLY place the shotgun
shell inside the film canister, so it rests on the nail, but doesn't go off
(obviously). You can use any size shotshell you want, cause they should all
fit in the film canister. Wrap the shotshell and canister with tape like 2
times. Just enough to hold the shotshell in place.
  If you haven't figured out how to use this by now...well...I'll tell ya:

Say there's a guy standing near you, and you don't want him there any more.
Grab the prod, and just slam it into his chest or back. Simple. You may want
to wrap a towel or something around the pole, as it will kick, and may give
you a splinter. This also has other uses...such as a battering ram.

Thanks to **Spartan** for telling me about this one.

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